Monday, September 13, 2010


First things first. Jessica's bachelorette party was a huge success. She had a great time and so did the rest of us although I think I can speak for the group and say that this week will be a week of fasting! I will post pictures later if I am allowed!

Now, on to other things. Last Wednesday, Tyler and I both had crappy days a work. I don't think either of us could tell you what was so bad or why but whatever, they sucked. So... T decided that we needed to blow off our very strict and anal retentive running schedule and go on a picnic instead. Tyler came home with bags of groceries and made us some killer sandwiches which he so cutely packed up in our picnic basket. We then headed off to the Shakespeare Festival with Strongbow in tow.

SB decided to dine on dog poop while we ate, if anyone knows how to break this habit I would LOVE to know.

Along with dining on poop, Strongbow also enjoyed stalking ducks.

Lesson of the day: If your day sucks, blow off the rest of it and do something else.


  1. you are an expert event planner -- the bachelorette party was great! and i am now an expert stalker -- love your blog!

  2. GREAT idea...will have do do this on a bad day! aha! Strongbow is adorable by the way :)

  3. lol! I love Mr. Strongbow! He is hilarious and adorable.

  4. I think y'all are amazing. I don't feel like I can say that enough. No, even better, you both aren't just amazing, but are a breath of fresh air in a generation where we don't have a clear line of sight if what's really important.