Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Strongbow's Favorite Things....

How cute is this Harry Barker dog bed?! SB has the small one in green and he LOVES it!
A few great things about it:
1.  It's on sale for $39.99!
2.  The cover is washable
3.  It looks so good!

Up Country Dog Collars....SB has the Dog Food collar on order right now and I can tell that he is just so excited! They also have great seasonal designs and they only run about 20 bucks!

Okay, maybe this is one of my favorite things. We keep SB's dog food in one of these Arthur Court Canister's that we got as a wedding gift. It's nice to be able to leave his dog food on the counter without it being such a huge eye sore!

When we leave for work we stuff his Kong with some dog food and top it off with some smooth organic peanut butter and he goes nuts for it. The second he sees us pick it up and get the PB out of the fridge, he runs into his crate and waits patiently! It's a miracle product!

And last but not least, SB loves his cousins, or maybe they are aunts and uncles, I don't know! Anyway,
these are my parents dogs, Piper, Maggie, Buck and Barley and they are SB's best friends!