Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Hosptial Delivery Gown

I have really gotten dorky these days! I think being 37 weeks pregnant has made me a bit obsessive; so I have been safely taking out these obsessive tendencies on sewing projects. I have made outfits for Baby Boyd, embroidered his burp cloths (yes, I know that it's stupid to embroider things that the kid is going to barf all over but, hey, I get bored on Sundays), and to top it all off I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to make a hospital delivery gown so that I can look super preppy and way too excited on d-day. I had never even heard of this idea until Tyler and I went to Austin and saw a woman selling some super cute/super expensive ones at a street fair. I had found my next challenge.

When we got home I did a little googling and came across this pattern.  
Sorry for the not so flattering photo! I'm 9 months preggo, remember?!
I used the pattern but took everyone's advice and made the following alterations:
  1. added 6 inches to the length
  2. cut 2 "right sides" for the back instead of a left and right to make sure I had plenty of fabric to cover my rotund buttocks
  3. used snap tape instead of buttons on the shoulder
  4. used bias tape on all seams instead of hemming
  5. skipped the pocket directions and added my own pocket below the hip 
It ties at the top, inside left, outside right, and bottom (not tied in this pic and probably not necessary).
Snaps at the shoulder for feedings..just like the normal hospital gowns.

 Here is the breakdown of materials:
2.75 yards fabric
3 packages of double fold bias tape
1 package of snap tape
2 rolls of ribbon (one thicker for around my waist and one thinner for ties)
The project took me about 2 days start to finish and is by no means perfect but it was fun to make. So thank you "uuber preppy, over the top, and far too brightly colored" hospital gown for taking my mind off of my impending life change for a few hours! It's all about the small things in life!