Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A NYC Food Guide and Our New Crush

So Tyler and I have a crush. Strange, I know! I found this photography blog a few months ago and sent it to Tyler and because of his new obsession with his camera I thought he would like it. He did.
Anyway From Me To You has beautiful photos taken by the beautiful Jamie Beck (pictured above). She was recently written up in Design Sponge if you care to take a peak.

Tyler and I are headed to NYC in a few weeks so after checking out her site a few times and seeing her beautiful shots of NYC Tyler decided to email her to ask specifically what she would do if she had 3 meals to eat before she died and boy did she deliver, and quickly I might add!

Here is what she said:
3 meals before you die in NYC:

Breakfast: Cafe D'Alsace on the UES. I go here every Saturday for a bowl (literally) Cafe Au Lait and breakfast. Bunch is amazing, pastries are perfect. It's oh so french, all the windows are open and there is outside cafe seating as well. Great local NY crowd. I then most of the times go to the MET after that for some inspiration. The MET is my favorite favorite place in NYC, I consider it my church. It's based on suggested donation so pay what you want not what it says. Also since y'all are into home stuff there is a housing works (one of the best chain thrift stores in NYC) by Cafe D'Alsace on 90th and 2, a great and charming historic bakery on 87th and 1st called Glaser's that has been there since 1902! Also Gracie Mansion is amazing in the Park at 84th and east end.

Lunch: so many great choices in NYC. I'd have to choose La Esquina in soho, the grilled corn is a must and I always have the Cochinita Pibil (pork tacos) OMG they are AMAZING!!! Cooked in a banana leaf. This diner lunch spot is super famous too, you see it in the into to SNL and for lots of photo shoots. They have a secret dinner restaurant underground but it's quite expensive though really really good.

Dinner is a toss up between 2 places: Supper in the East Village & Bread in soho. Supper is warm and homey and small and nostalgic. Like a big italian family place. Best burrata mozzarella in the city. Bread has amazing amazing creamy pesto and their bolognese is my favorite in the city. It's a small, candle lit but always hopping place.

You left off coffee- you MUST go to the ACE hotel and have a cappuccino from the coffee bar in the hotel "Stumptown" It's the best in the city and that Ace hotel is incredible. You could also get your coffee to go and walk down to the farmers' market at Union Square if it's on the day the market is running. Also a fun and one of my favorite flatware stores by this and Union Square is called Fishy Eddy.

Amy's is great especially in the Chelsea Market and the highline is so beautiful. If you want to get off the beaten track and go someplace only locals are at (chelsea market can get overrun with tourists at times though food network and NY1 film in that building which is too cool) I'd suggest Sullivan Bakery in hell's kitchen. It's actually my favorite bread in the city. Hands down. When you go to the store they have the most amazing, fresh pastries that it's literally painful to pick from. It's cool to see NYers running in grabbing coffee and bread and running out too.
So I couldn't help but share her wonderful tips and if any of you have a chance to go to New York maybe you can print out this little "guide" and take it with you!
Oh yeah and I have to brag, she looked at my blog and loved Tyler's pics! A real photographer liked his pics! He is almost famous!
If you are reading this, I am not a stalker! I just like  pretty people, who are nice, return emails very promptly and who take good pictures!


  1. So, you'll have to tell us after you try out these places. I'll have to copy this--we hope to go this December. Girl, your blog is off and running! So fun to read

  2. LOL - I love your disclaimer to Jamie at the bottom.

  3. Y'all are too funny!!! I hope you have the most amazing NYC trip, I'll tell her to really show off for you!

    Thank you for the feature, it made my day.