Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shorts Shorts Shorts

I have been cranking out the shorts! So far we have seersucker, madras and gingham and I'm not done yet! I have found that I can work pretty quickly when I cut everything out and sew everything at the same time.

Plus Tyler obviously supports my "art" because he surprised me a few weeks ago and got me a serger! I mean what a guy, what a stand up guy!

He even got me these cute labels for Christmas last year. I am taking these gifts as small hints that he wants me to start making all of his clothes as well. Think I'm right?

Monday, July 1, 2013

B-boy's 10 Month Photos

The little dude turned 10 months old about 2 weeks ago and what a 2 weeks it has been! Over the weekend he decided it was time to crawl so the madness has officially begun. His uncontrollable waving and kissing has also become pretty entertaining.

He personality is really starting to show. He gets very lively at home but when he is in a crowd he just sits quietly and watches. He has no trouble with adults and will let a total stranger hold him but if a baby comes at him, all bets are off! The chin starts to quiver and the tears flow. I mean he is 30 times bigger than these babies but the second they put a hand on him, he is terrified! Yes, he will probably be THAT kid so thank goodness he will be able to rest upon his good looks and unbelievable physical strength to get him through junior high school! 

His whopping 2 teeth are getting a work out as he has started enjoying more types of food. Last night he ate a mountain of okra despite the nasty slime that comes along with boiled okra. He also loved the spicy lentil and squash curry and sun-dried tomato pasta salad that we had recently. Intense flavors don't seem to deter him. 

We are now officially bottle-less! He takes a cup when he is at school and I feed him when he is home in the mornings and at night; however I think we are about ready to use up all of that frozen milk that I have been hording for the last 10 months!

He is getting so big and I'm sad to say that we only have 2 more mustaches to go!