Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Well my mom said that it's time that I update the blog so I went back and checked and it has been almost a year since my last post! Truthfully, January 1, 2014 feels like just yesterday so I'm not surprised that it doesn't feel like that long ago.

A lot has happened in the past year but nothing too groundbreaking or life changing. Boyd is doing great! He turned 2 years old in August and is talking up a storm. He is still pretty laid back and passive but has gotten a bit more opinionated which is to be expected! He started at a new daycare last month and it's amazing how much he is picking up from all of the other children. Boyd was in an in-home daycare and we miss "Miss Lane" terribly but we know that a big daycare is where he needs to be. He is still a healthy eater which means that he now weighs a whopping 35 lbs! In turn, he is getting a little big for his britches; literally, he is almost grown out of his cloth diapers which is breaking my heart!!

Here are a few pictures of Boyd's favorite things from the past few months:

Strawberry (aka ree-ree) picking

Tractors (aka tactors)

His best bud Price (aka Pice)
Wearing chains while riding 4-wheelers with his other best bud/cousin Hutton (aka wearing necklaces on tactors with hutt hutt)   
Riding in his wagon with Strongbow (aka Dye-dye)

Tyler and I are also chugging along. Work is going smoothly for both of us and we are still loving living in Auburn. We took a once in a lifetime vacation to Peru a few weeks which I will share pictures from as soon as Tyler has them finished. 

Speaking of pictures, Tyler has been doing a lot of wedding photography this year and continues to get better and better. He has been playing around with film photography lately and it's amazing how beautiful the pictures have turned out. He has also been doing a lot more woodworking. He has built 2 desks for our "work room" along with toys for Boyd, beekeeping equipment for me and lots of pretty spoons and frames. 

I have been doing my usual beekeeping, bread making, sewing, kombucha making thing and have even added a few new things to the repertoire such as dehydrating and making chap stick and lotion from my beeswax. We managed to extract over 70 lbs of honey this July and needless to say I was extremely excited about it! As odd as it sounds, the night before we extracted the honey I felt like I did as a child the night before we would go to the beach! I was THAT pumped!

That is is about all you have missed in the past year and I am not promising to keep this blog up to date but I'll at least try to updated it whenever my mother demands it!