Friday, October 1, 2010

Race Day Eve and Happy October

Running Group at last weeks training run

First of all, I'm sorry I didn't post on Wednesday but I was in Atlanta for work again with no wireless card, shocking.

On to more interesting things, tomorrow is race day and I have been carb loading for a week now. They say that carb loading will make you run faster but since I have gained about 4 lbs this week from pasta I have a feeling that I will be the lone exception. I must learn the subtle art of moderation. So...13.1 miles followed by bbq and beer all before the Auburn game at 11 am.

Different topic: It's day 1 of October so the pumpkins are out. Now let's talk about spending $8-10 at Publix for a pumpkin, I won't do it. So, Blair and  I made sure to take a pit stop at Trader Joe's on our way home yesterday to pick up some $3.50 pumpkins and yet more cheap wine. I would like to make a correction on last weeks post. One bottle of Trader Joe's wine is not $3.50 it's $2.79, but I digress. So anyway, If you are near a Trader Joe's go ahead and spit in the face of Publix pumpkins and pick up a few. I must say, mine look good.

Tyler made me get 3 this year so SB could have one to carve. His is the little one obviously.


  1. Good luck in the race guys! Sorry I couldn't make it this year. I'm sure you'll break your previous PR.

  2. Run run run!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    Love the little pumpkin for SB