Friday, October 22, 2010

A New York City Tour According to Us: Part 1

Well I guess it's about that time to fill you in on our little vacation to New York. Since some of you are requesting details, I'll be is boring and precise as I possibly can!

Let's start from the beginning.... Saturday morning Tyler and I drove to Atlanta and hopped on a short flight from Atlanta to Newark.

Why Newark you ask? The NJ Transit, that's why. We got off of our flight and got right on the train for a 30 minute ride to New York Penn Station for only $12.50 per person. Do the math that is faster and cheaper than a taxi. When we arrived at Penn Station we got in a taxi and went straight to our hotel in Times Square. Now the hotel was nice enough, a Crowne Plaza, but we will not be staying in Times Square again. We figured it would be right smack in the middle of uptown and downtown and therefore very convenient but since we spend most if not all of our time downtown it was a pain to have to take the subway back up to change clothes after walking FOREVER and back down for dinner.

Okay okay I'll get on with it. So we got to the hotel at about 2:00 and promptly headed to Bar 515 to watch the Auburn game. Apparently this is the "Auburn bar" so we walked in to find a sea of orange and blue and about 10 people we knew. Tyler ran into some friends from high school and I got to spend some time with some college friends.

So after about 4 hours of sitting in a bar, never a good idea I might add, we followed the AU crowd down the street to a crappy Mexican restaurant called the Caliente Cab Co. and since I was in the company of long lost friends and a cocktail or two in, I decided not to turn my foodie nose up and oblige.

After dinner we parted ways and Tyler dragged me to some tourist trap of a bar in Times Square where he used a fake ID for the first time. Great chaperoning job Montgomery Academy, really great!

Now on to day 2, after a slow morning we dragged ourselves onto the subway and headed south.

We started off at the New Amsterdam Market that they have every Sunday at the Fulton Fish Market. It's full of local vendors selling anything from fresh apple cider to gourmet ice creams and cheeses. 

On the way to back up we stopped at the Creperie in the lower east side and then made our way to Chinatown for the most amazing beef jerky of my young adult life. Other than beef jerky there is not much I like about Chinatown. I feel about the same about Little Italy but we were starving and needed a chair and a beer so we stopped for lunch.

After our Americanized Italian meal we began our journey to SOHO were, like an oasis in the desert, we stumbled upon a jackpot!! The 10th Annual NYC International Pickle Day Festival. Amazing, just amazing.

So after completely dehydrating ourselves with pickle juice we walked through SOHO, the West Village, Chelsea and all they way back to our hotel. WE.WERE.TIRED.

After a brief refresher we headed back down to the Lower East Side to have dinner at the most charming restaurant called Freemans. It was perfect. Tucked away in a back alley with a speak easy type feel and a superb menu.

After dinner all bets were off and we were done, back to the hotel we go. To be continued....


  1. Perfection. Ps love the nail polish...please do share the color!

  2. Why thank you! The nail polish is called Suzi Says Da! by OPI. It's one of my new favorites

  3. 7D is in business class...isn't it?

  4. Highlight of my Saturday is keeping up with y'all. Tyler, your photo skills get better and better. I'm wowed weekly. Teach me your ways in ole ZA. Sara, I don't care what you say. You are a blogger AND a writer.

  5. GREAT trip! so fun you were able to hang out with friends from Auburn!! Love all the photos and details!