Monday, October 4, 2010

An Eventful Weekend

fyi I'm not winking, I'm squinting. Thanks for the picture Blair!

Well, the race is over and I'm glad it's behind me but I'm not so happy about my results. I was a solid 6 minutes slower than last year AND at least 2 of those minutes can be attributed to my old friend, the toilet. Yes, graphic I know, but come mile 12 and my stomach was not happy. I would like to formally thank the Rosa Parks Museum for letting me in and very quickly pointing me to the bathroom. Ugh, I was NOT happy but there was no way that I could have ran for another 10 minutes! According to the world wide web, I am not alone and I need to start popping an Immodium an hour before I run and lay off the dairy and fat the night before. Thank you frozen yogurt and pimiento cheese that I had Friday night, thanks a lot! So with that said, I finished in 2 hours and 22 minutes which is about a 10:54 minute mile. BTW, sweet Tyler waited for me. Thank you Tyler, you are very selfless!

Now on to Sunday. We had to replant our turnip and carrot seeds because the unusually hot September screwed things up. I also put in some broccoli and romain. We will see how it goes, the broc and romain are new to us. We did pretty well with last year's carrots and turnips. They were glorious!

Sunday night, Tyler and I did a massive practice round for our cooking with pecans compitition at the fair this year. Yes that is correct, we are the type of people who enter competitoins at the fair. I think Tyler gets it from his mom but I have no excuse. We might also enter in the appetizers and finger foods competition if we have time. I would tell you what we are making but then you might steal the idea and beat us so I will wait until after this Sunday's judging.

Happy Monday


  1. Congrats on finishing again, but that did not sound fun at the end :( Sorry your tummy wasn't happy with you! Proud of you still!

  2. The FAIR!???? I am obsessed. When is it because I would love to come, though probably unlikely.