Monday, October 25, 2010

A New York City Tour According to Us: Part 2

Alright, lets pick up where we left off. After 2 jam packed days we tried to take it a bit easier on day 3, or so we thought. We woke up and walked to the very southern edge of Central park just to say we did and then headed to the Emerald Green Apartments in West 38th Street. Random? Yes, but a friend of Tyler's who lives here in Montgomery did a beautiful mural in the lobby and the construction manager gave us a full tour of the apartment building. It was actually very interesting.

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After our apartment tour we headed south to check out Chelsea Market. Big disappointment, not at all what we were expecting. It really reminded me of a upscale food court with overpriced food and fancier people. Not okay. So after refusing to eat anything there simply out of principal we walked back to a place we saw on the way there called the Grey Dog. It was a cute little cafe type place that sold unique sandwiches and was full of real New Yorkers so it fit the bill. After a long and leisurely lunch we headed back up to midtown and stopped by the Sullivan Street Bakery. We heard that this little hole in the wall bakery had the best bread in town; however, since we were stuffed from lunch we just picked up a huge cookie. It was worth the walk.

By this time were were exhausted from all the walking, yet again. So we headed back to the hotel for a quick 30 minute cat nap. Waking up refreshed, we headed to 5th Avenue, aka way to many people on way to narrow sidewalks, to do some shopping. We returned with NOTHING except a hungry bellies so I did a bit of research on New York Magazine's website to find a small local place for dinner. Here was my system: click on Restaurants at the top then on the left you can choose which cuisine you perfer, we wanted a gastropub. We checked out the websites for all that were chosen as critic's choice. After some debate, the winner was Jimmy's No. 43. It's a charming underground pub with dark walls and quirky decor. The beer selection was small but unique and the food was mostly farm to table. Just our style.

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 Because it was so good I stole the menu to show you. I circled everything that we tried.

I think the single best think we had was the corn gratin; however, the cheese plate was delish too. It included wonderful local cheese, bread, honey, almonds, and Concord grapes. PS it is absolutely amazing how much concord grapes actually taste like Welchs grape juice! And yes, according to this list we did drink 9 beers but 4 of which were on the sampler so don't freak out.

After Tyler ran to the ATM around the corner because, of course, we would pick somewhere that only accepts cash, we jumped back on the subway and headed back to the ole Crowne Plaza.

Tuesday morning we woke up to make our journey home. All in all it was a great trip, although I think we would both agree that 4 days is not nearly enough time to see everything that New York has to offer. I guess this means we better start planning our next trip!

Happy Monday!


  1. Can we come with y'all for the next trip? I think yalls agenda of food is the only way Ill ever drag ryan to nyc and know he will have fun!

  2. FUN TRIP! I LOVE New York! My sisters & I went back in May ( ) & had so much fun, but I agree, we didn't have nearly enough time to do everything we wanted to/could have done.

  3. Such a great trip!!! I just feel crappy because I read about it on your blog instead of walking 5 feet to talk to you about it! You are going to be the one planning our trip when Chad and I go :)

  4. Ive never been to New York, But really want to go with someone that knows where to go. Take me next time :)

  5. I never get online until late & when I do, I love to read your blog...It brings many smiles to my face:) We willmiss you over thanksgiving..have a great time!