Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Maps EVER

So my buddy Lindsey lead me to the wonderful world of Stumble Upon. If you don't know about it, I'll give you the Cliff's Notes. It's a website where you can create a profile and tell it what your interests are and what kinds of websites you like to surf. For instance, I told it that I like, cooking, travel, mind and body, music, crafts....stuff like that. All I have to do is click the little "stumble" icon and, POOF, there is a website picked especially for me! It's like having a little gnome in your computer that knows just what you like. You can "like" or "dislike" anything it gives you and it uses that info to narrow in on what you want. AKA it's addictive.

Anyway.............. I was stumbling the other day and this is what I found.

They are mapping stereotypes prints by Yanko Tsvetkov and they are so spot on! I can't decide between the one above that is called "USA According to Common Sense" or the one below which is "Europe According to USA." Both are hilarious and will need to be strategically placed on a wall of my house. ASAP!

If you get bored, I beg of you, go to his website and see the rest. But, beware, some are NOT kid friendly yet oh so funny.

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