Friday, June 3, 2011

My Loot

 Who doesn't love free food?! Well I guess it's not technically free considering we bought the plant, but $1.39 for a summer's worth of veggies ain't bad! Plus, giving away half of my bounty because we can't eat it all has made me a bit of a local fav around these parts! I love being popular!

The Topsy Turvy is doing well. I was a bit worried for a little while but after we moved it to a sunnier spot it really started to take off. I helped my dad plant 6 plants in a Topsy Turvy Tree and his are coming along slowly but surely as well.

 Cucumbers are NUTS! These suckers double in size in only about two days. I wish I had a video camera on them so we could go National Geographic style and watch a time lapse of them growing like Barry Bonds on steroids. Tyler and I both hate cucumbers so these are going to be sacrificed to the pickle gods.

 These will soon be red bell peppers...because I am to cheap to buy them at the store!

 And baby jalapeno peppers....

 The tomatoes that we put in the ground are doing a little better than the ones in the Topsy Turvy but I think the others will catch up soon.

 The squash and zucchini plants are HUGE and have been feeding us for about a week now. I'm not really sure why I thought I needed another of each in the new bed. I guess those will be giveaways.

Oh I forgot...I pulled up the carrots, which were pretty small due to the heat, so I will be pickling those this weekend if all goes to plan. The onions also came up and have been super tasty!

Next mission: Convince the city to change our zoning ordinance to allow us to have chickens in the back yard!

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  1. Yummy! My squash and zucchini didn't do well this summer. The new planter doesn't get near enough sun. I'm so sad, there is nothing like picking your own veggies for dinner! I do, however, have tomatoes to feed an army!