Friday, July 1, 2011

The Griswolds European Vacation

Wow! Things certainly are moving around the Caldwell house. I am graduating at the end of this month, thank goodness, and the day after my last class I am heading up to Birmingham to work for 3 weeks as a pharma rep. Weird, I know, but I am in the process of learning the products and getting trained and in a few weeks I'll be filling in until the new Birmingham rep is hired. So, if your in the Birmingham area and want to entertain me one weeknight I would be ever so grateful! After that I'll take a break then head back out into the field to fill in for our Montgomery rep while she is on maternity leave. I'm nervous but so grateful for this opportunity and I hope to make everyone proud!

So between my stints in Birmingham and Montgomery, Tyler and I are headed to Europe for 12 days!!! Woot Woot!! We are calling this my "graduation present" a.k.a. graduation, Christmas, birthday and anniversary...for a few years!

Tyler and I perfer "adventure travel" over "relaxing travel" so we are planning on jumping from city to city with only our backpacks and have found some interesting places to say. Meet This is a website where you can list your property for travelers to rent. We found a cute little apartment in the center of Luzern where we will have our own room, bathroom and even a kitchen. And get this, it's only $110 a night!
Click on the link below to see some pics of our little place

We have an actual hotel for Turin, Salzburg and Zurich and we are thinking of using for our stays in Bologna and Bolzano simply because we will be able to meet some other travelers AND its totally in our budget. I know some of you may think we are crazy for doing this but believe me, it's safe....

Here are a few of things we want to see!

Lake Luzern, Switzerland

Vineyards in Alba, Italy (close to Turin)

Food in Bologna and Parma, Italy

Bicycling in Bolzano (Not in the Dolomites, of course!)

Pretending like I am Maria from the Sound Of Music in Salzburg, Austria

Cheese, lots and lots of cheese in Zurich, Switzerland
File:Z├╝rich - Augustinergasse IMG 2046.JPG

If anyone has ANY tips for us please let us know! Over and out and have a GREAT 4th of July!

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  1. Yall are going to LOVE Switzerland! Lucerne is beautiful. Make sure you take a gondola ride up the mountain. The one we went on, we took a boat ride across Lake Lucern and then rode up to the top of one mountain....unbelievable!