Monday, April 23, 2012

My Productive Weekend

It has been one eventful and productive weekend! We started things off early with Tyler's womenless beauty pageant on Thursday night which benefited the Joy to Life Foundation here in Alabama. I beg you to check out this video, its pretty entertaining!

Saturday morning I joined my Hello Gorgeous Teammates and ran the 2012 Walk of Life followed by a trip to the downtown curb market to pick up some local veggies for the week. After a brief resting period I managed to get my sew on and pump out a cute pair a pants for my nephew, Hutton. Not perfect, but they were my first pair and I have a feeling that he won't notice considering he is only 9 weeks old. After my sewing extravaganza I headed back downtown to check out Tyler's photography booth at the first annual Montgomery Street Fair. He and his friend Hilary from Pint Bottle Photography had a great looking booth and got lots of foot traffic.

Come Sunday I was refreshed and ready for some more sewing. I made another cute pair of pants and managed to shave about an hour off of Saturday's time plus my second pair looked a good bit better than the first. Sorry Hutton but your Dad liked the fabric of the test run better so you will have to sacrifice quality!

Aren't they cute?! Hutton gets the pair on the right and my main man Boyd gets the pair on the left. They were sooooo easy to make once I made a few little tweaks. You can find the free pattern here.

After I finished sewing I was still feeling productive so I decided to make a loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread and a batch of mozzarella cheese which actually ending up with the consistency that I wanted (first time EVER)! More salt next time though; I'm learning!

So as you can tell, my energy level has been pretty high during my second trimester. I guess this means that I better take advantage of my mojo while I have it!

Baby bump pictures and nursery updates to come!

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  1. Wow, girl! You've been busy. Those pants are too cute.