Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 20 and a Novice Easter Menu

There is no telling how much longer I can fit into that dress so expect a wardrobe change in the coming weeks!

In other news, I am hosting Easter this year. Have I ever hosted a family function much less a family holiday? Uh NO! This should be interesting..

Here is the menu:

something delish from my sister in law Jessica's kitchen
homemade hummus from my Mom (at least I hope she agrees to that!)

Main Course:
Honey Baked Ham with rolls and cheese in case someone wants to make a sandwich
Asian Slaw made from my very own home grown cabbage
Deviled Eggs from my mom (should we rename them Resurrection Eggs since its Easter? The devil part throws me off!)
Broccoli Salad a la my mother-in-law
Another random side from my mom
Another random side from Jessica

A bunny cake (my mother-in-law is bringing it and rumor has it, its a family inside joke, either way I like cake!)
Fruit salad with honey/lime/mint dressing

Now keep in mind, this is only my "plan" so I'll let you know what actually happens after this weekend.

Happy Easter and remember the reason for the season!

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  1. My husband's aunt always makes a bunny cake too! This year it will be my husbands birthday cake lol