Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yet Another Hobby

So a few weeks ago I was hanging out with Tyler and a few of his colleagues when something funny came up in the conversation and one of his coworkers responded with, "she is pregnant, not stupid!" We all had a good laugh over this statement then it kind of got me thinking, I'm pregnant, not disabled, I'm pregnant, not in a coma, I'm pregnant, and my life may be changing but I'm still the same ole me!

With that said, in usual Sara fashion, I figured now is as good of a time as any to pick up a new, somewhat "different" hobby! It may not be conventional for someone who is almost 7 months pregnant and living in a midtown neighborhood but I don't care; I'm becoming a beekeeper! Yes you heard me, a beekeeper. I already have my 2 hives and the majority of my gear and I have even joined our local beekeepers association. Now all I need is my bees which should be in here in about 2 weeks.

In case you were wondering:
  1. Yes, I am aware that I am about to have a baby
  2. Yes, I know I will probably get stung
  3. No, I am not allergic
  4. No, Tyler is not allergic
  5. Yes, I have cleared it with my neighbors
  6. Yes, Strongbow will probably get stung too
  7. Yes, Tyler will help when the baby comes
  8. Yes, it is legal in my neighborhood
  9. Yes, I know what I am getting my self into
  10. Yes, I do love honey, THAT MUCH
I'll be sure to keep you updated on my beekeeping/sewing/cheesmaking/breadmaking/vegetable gardening (which is looking AMAZING right now BTW), baby growing progress!


  1. I'll be anxiously awaiting my jar o' honey

  2. Question #11 - will you bypass your own family and close friends to first give honey to your brother's close friends?? Sounds logical to me. :)

    But seriously, I'm impressed!