Saturday, January 1, 2011

South Africa: Part 2

What's my new years resolution you ask? Not to be a lazy chump and start being a better blogger!

I know, I know we have been back from South Africa for over a month and I am just now posting the safari pictures.

Here goes....

After our few days in Johannesburg we drove about 6 hours north  to Pilanesberg National Park (disclaimer: for the normal traveler it will take 2 hours, but we like stops). We stayed at Buffalo Thorn Lodge in the Black Rhino Game Reserve and I must say, other than the wedding of course, it was the highlight of our trip!
We got up at 5:00 am every morning for a 5 hour game drive, then relaxed by the pool until it was time for our evening game drive.

According to our game driver, were were EXTREMELY lucky to see all that we did and that our next trip will most likely suck because it will never be that good again! Kind of a downer but still cool!

Here are a few pictures of our 6 hour journey, the lodge and the animals.

Brandon got "iced", google it...

Grocery stores are so much fun in foreign countries! We went overboard but don't worry the dollar goes pretty far over there!

15 passenger van, no air conditioner, long drive....


The first of the "Big Five" (called the Big Five because they are the 5 most dangerous animals to hunt)

Big 5- White Rhino

 Big 5- African Buffalo

Big 5- Leopard

 More Impala

 Our room

 The most amazing outdoor shower to date.

 We could see the animals from our pool deck

 Big 5- Lion

 It's Pumba!

 Springbok- Yummy!


Happy New Year! Pictures from the beach are next...


  1. Hi Sara-

    Loved your posts about africa. I went to South Africa in 2009 and I will be retuning this summer. I think one of my favorite memories was the safari-- the big 5 hunt. So much fun. We had an awesome guide.

    I work at Kim Box Photography. Erika and Kim are always bragging on how fabulous you are. ;)

  2. Wow! This is mind blowing! I am so impressed with your pics. I dont know about leaving @ 5:00 am! Sounds like the Army! Was there a lunch option to see the animals? That is more my speed. I am very happy you got to see the animals in there own envirorment! Thanks for sharing!