Friday, January 7, 2011

Pillowpalooza 2K11

I love making pillows. I think it mostly stems from the fact that I'm cheap and it's not super hard to sew 2 squares of fabric together, so there ya go.

Over the holidays I was a sewing machine, no pun intended, and knocked out my t-shirt quilt project that I have been working on for months. While sitting on my sofa trying my hardest to hand tie an entire quilt, I realized how darn generic my family room looks.

Exhibit 1: a big ole brown couch (snooze alert)
Exhibit 2: beige and brown/beige pillows that came with the sofa, gross
Exhibit 3: ugly fabric on our club chairs that I picked out from a book of ugly fabrics at an ugly furniture store ( I won the chairs in a sweepstakes so I shouldn't complain)

Soooo.. I took it upon myself to order some fabric that will hopefully blend in with the sea of beige yet add a little life to the place.
I know this one is still beige but the yellow blends well with the ugly fabric on the chairs

This pattern is actually huge. I think I'm going to center the red circle on the pillow and do a solid on the back.

Cost Breakdown:
4- 18x18 inch feather pillow inserts: $40.76
2 yards fabric: $21.75

That comes to about $15.50 per pillow which is a heck of a lot cheaper then buying the super cute, yet pricey pillows from Etsy that don't even come with the insert.

Thoughts? Am I still too beige? You can tell me the truth, the fabric was a good deal and I'll end up using it for something else if this doesn't work out!

Oh, and I bought a yard of this just for the heck of it! I'm thinking I might use it to cover my new sewing stool.


  1. Awesome choices! Love. Where did you get the fabric from?

  2. Thanks Sarah Barry! I got them at They have great prices and it's free shipping for orders of $35 or more

  3. Not sure if I should thank you or not for introducing me to ""... i just ordered $75 worth of fabric and batting..... ahhh!!! Thanks :)