Wednesday, January 5, 2011

South Africa: The Fnal Installment

Okay so I guess most of you are totally over seeing pictures of my vacation but I said I would do it so here is he last bit.

12 hours....that is how long it took for us to get from Pilanesberg to Durban! That is a long time to sit in a 15 passenger non air conditioned van, thank goodness for beautiful scenery, lots of snacks and rest stops with trampolines and petting zoos!

King of the Hill, Billy Goat style

Once we got to the Zimbali Resort the real relaxing began! We played by the pool, raced in the golf cart, chased the monkeys who stole the fruit from our drinks, and enjoyed all of the wedding festivities!

Our awesome house!

And the biggest thank you goes to the beautiful bride who not only planned a fabulous wedding but the best vacation to date!

*Thanks to Brandon and Kate for letting me steal some pictures!

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  1. what an incredible trip! once in a lifetime feeling huh? Ive enjoyed seeing the chronicle of yalls traveling!