Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Fall!

Halloween has come and gone and the Caldwell's had a fun one! This was our first year in the new house and we far exceeded our measly record in Montgomery when it comes to trick-or-treaters. According to our spreadsheet keeping next door neighbor we ended up with 99 trick-or-treaters which means we ran out of candy by 7:15. Nice.

We got a lot of compliments on the family costume choice. Little did they know, this is our normal weekend attire!

We had a few "grown- up" Halloween parties so we decided to amp it up a bit and go as a pair of big boobs. It got a bit awkward when we weren't together, just sayin....

Now on to more healthy topics of conversation. Our fall CSA program is in full swing and we have been bringing home some GOOD stuff! Each week we have gotten a dozen eggs along with a variety of fall veggies. So far we have gotten bags of baby lettuces, full heads of lettuce, lots of bok choy, turnips with greens, butternut squash, cheese pumpkin, buttercup squash, some other random squash, and sweet potatoes. We have about 2 more months to go and I am already panicked about how we will survive the gap until the spring program starts up again.

In addition to the normal fall share we opted to get a few apples which our farmer picks up from a buddy of his in TN. Each bushel is about 40+ lbs and only costs $35. That is a steal people! My parents opted for an entire bushel of Granny Smith apples just for themselves and we ended up splitting a bushel of Gold Rush apples with a coworker of mine. So far I have only used them for smoothies, oatmeal and sweet potato and apple soup but rest assured, I have plans for the rest!

More to come!

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