Friday, October 18, 2013

My Humble Return

I have a few confessions and they are as follows:
  1. I have not been blogging out of guilt of not blogging.
  2. We forgot to take Boyd's 12 month mustache pictures and I feel REALLY bad about that.
  3. I have not taken enough iPhone pictures.
  4. We didn't go to the fair this year. Enough said...
  5. I have very few, if any, before and after pictures of the not so new house.
Now that I have cleared my conscience and I am have committed to allowing myself to blog even if I only have crappy iPhone photos for visual documentation, the blogging can commence.

Here are a few of the semi-more-interesting photos from my iPhone with commentary.

I have taken on a new hobby, kombucha brewing. Kombucha is simply fermented sweet tea and it's loaded with probiotics. I just couldn't justify spending $3 a bottle at Earth Fare when I could make it myself for pennies. Plus it's fun to say that I brew Kombucha!

Yummy, fizzy, gut-loving kombucha!

Boyd turned ONE year old in August. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was telling everyone that I was pregnant. I suppose that is par for the course!

We may have missed our mustache pictures but at least we managed to take some proper birthday photos. I'm so thankful that his daddy loves to take pictures!

After a disastrous first year and a somewhat troublesome second year. We FINALLY harvested some honey! We were only able to pull 9 frames but they yielded about 2.5 gallons so that should take me through the winter with a little left over!

Tyler and I ran our 5th half marathon last weekend! It was not our worst but certainly not our best. Training with a baby has it's challenges so we are just glad that we made it!

Boyd was less than impressed....

So now that the "first" post is under my belt I hope that I can start sharing a few more projects with you. We have a lot of projects on the horizon so hopefully they will make for some interesting blogging!

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  1. Welcome back!! I would love to see pics of your house now ...even though I'm long overdue for a visit!!