Friday, September 14, 2012

Boyd is Ready for School!

 Sitting at home every day started taking it's toll on me so I decided it was time to do something productive. Yes, I know that keeping a baby alive is considered very productive but I needed more. So I figured it was a good time to whip out the ole sewing machine and make the little man a backpack! I mean, what 1 month old doesn't need a backpack, he will be walking himself to school in a few months right? Ok, ok maybe in a year ;). So until then I'm hoping we can use this as his school diaper bag; it could be too small but I guess I'll find out when he starts daycare in a few weeks.

Sorry for the poor picture quality but iPhone pictures sure are convenient!


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  2. Sara! I love this. Is it basically three pieces? The front and back and then the side (with the zipper in it)? I want to make one for some friends of mine who just had a baby...