Monday, October 17, 2011

The Conclusion: Salzburg

Well the end is finally here and I'm sure you are all glad! I know, I know, I have drawn this vacay recap out a bit much! Bel

Anyway, after our jaunt in Italia we headed north to Salzburg, Austria. I think Tyler and I would agree that Austria was by far our favorite country. The people were so warm and inviting and the fact that EVERYONE spoke perfect English didn't hurt either!

Our VERY quick stop in Innsbruck.

We were amazed to see the Orient Express at the train station in Innsbruck. From what we could see through the windows all of the passengers were dressed in the Sunday best.

Tyler forced me to take this picture!

Warning: Another silly video ahead.
If you couldn't hear, this was where they filmed part of the "Do Re Me" scene from The Sound of Music.

Salzburg, Austria

We were in Salzburg during their annual Salzburg Festival and were lucky enough to see not only the authentically dressed theatre patrons as they entered but we watched the actors arrive as well. Each year Everyman is preformed outside of the cathedral and got the behind the scenes view!

We also managed to find the local beer garden. It's still attached to the local monastery and was quite a sight!

Yummy potato salad, and some random yet delicious meat products!

This may have been one of my favorite spots. At about 10 am we found this tiny local spot packed full of old folks enjoying homemade schnapps of all flavors. For a few Euros you we taste all we wanted but only ended up bringing home one small bottle.

Yum, more random meat products!
Our final day in Zurich was not much to a day at all. After our early morning 5 hour train ride from Salzburg we only had about 4 hours to spend in Zurich. Either way we enjoyed the city for as long as we could before our flight home the next morning.

One last video just for old times sake... 

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