Friday, March 4, 2011

What have I been working on?

How do people blog every day, or even 3 times a week for that matter? My life is just not that interesting and I have been struggling to come up with what to post about. I mean if you really want to hear about my boring everyday life then fine but I have a feeling most of you are just not interested.

Here is a very short compilation of some of the interesting (at least I think it's kind of interesting) stuff I have done this week.

Don't kid yourself, I'm not a great gardener! I saw this broccoli pop up and almost cried with excitement only to find out that it is just "buttoning." This means that these plants will never product big good broccoli like they should but only little guys that are big enough to eat in one bite. Again, it's our weird winter's fault. For real this time, I even tested our soil to prove it! Although they were little, I ate them for dinner last night and they tasted pretty good.
So now onions are in, more carrots and turnips are in, and the lettuce is finally doing well. Next up, getting ready for the spring veggies. 

I have also been on an embroidery kick. I'm not that good yet and I'm soooo ready for this trial and error thing to be over. Notice how the monogram on the bib puckers and is not even centered. Ugh!! If anyone out there has any good tips on embroidery PLEASE share. Does anyone really use ball point needles? Why does my computer embroidery program keep changing my hoop size? How do you embroidery on awkward shapes and sizes? I have sooo many more....

Lastly, if you don't have a pineapple corer, get one. Nuf said.


  1. Hey! My sister, Andi Graydon, is all about applique, embroidery, smocking, sewing. She is on facebook and has a page for her work - "Sew Obsessed". She would gladly help you out with those kinds of questions!

  2. I'm glad to see that pineapple-corer is getting some good use!

  3. i wish i grew broccoli! i think its delish & yours looks great.

    i am looking into getting a monogramming machine & starting doing it too. what kind do you have? (obviously i dont have any advice yet bc i havent started, but good luck!)

  4. What?? Look at you, miss embroidery! I am so impressed! You should start an online business and I will order personalized clothing for all my family and friends. :) And I am so envious of your garden. Is it warm enough there that you have already been planting and harvesting those yummy vegs??

  5. Now that I'm addicted to fruit smoothies since our trip to Costa Rica, I just might need a pineapple corer to make lots of batidos con aqua or leche. :)