Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well I guess I will start from the beginning….

April 2007- Tyler and I get set up on a blind date by the phlebotomist at our local blood bank. If you’re wondering, yes this was a random 55 year old Katrina transplant who did not know either of us but thought we would be a good match. So she made it happen with the help of some good old fashioned stalking by yours truly and some mutual friends.

July 2008- Tyler pops the questions on a cookie cake (God love him, he remembered my affinity for cookie cakes)!

March 2009- The wedding of the century!! Well to me it was anyway…

June 2009- We buy “the house”. A big thank you to our good buddy Lauren Vinson who forced us to take a look at the pretty rough looking foreclosure around the corner from her house, I guess she couldn’t imagine life without Tyler and me being .3 miles from them!

Today- We have already made numerous updates and renovations to the house but fear not we will do our best to fill you in on everything! On top of making our not-so-gorgeous foreclosure into a beautiful and happy home, we have been trying our hand at:

1. Vegetable gardening
2. Bread making
3. Cheese making
4. Sewing
5. Building
6. Photography
7. Puppy rearing
8. Decorating
9. Traveling
10. Composting
11. Crafting

And now… blogging!

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