Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The 2K10 Bathroom Shakedown

Let me tell you, when we looked at this house for the first time, I must say, the master bathroom frightened me! The house was "born" in 1968 and has had very little updating; so the avacado green bathroom is truly like walking into a time machine! We have...avacado green floor tile, wall tile, bathtub, sink, and even an avacado green toilet! When we moved in I decided it would be brilliant to try to pull down some wall paper that looked like it was pealing off. However, as I worked I began to find yet another layer of VERY stubborn lime green floral wallpaper, so after getting about half way through with the first layer I waved the white flag of surrender! No amount of neutral shower curtains and rugs could help this situation so thanks to Jennifer and Bobby Trott who gave us the name of a great contractor, our renovation is now in its 3rd day! (if you want our contractors name and number just let me know)
Below are a few pictures of the bathroom when we moved in. The only thing that has changed in the year that we have lived in this house is the wallpaper which was half removed!
bathroom before 1

bathroom before 2

bathroom before 3
Here are a few inspirations for our new bathroom. Check out some other white bathroom inspirations on Rachel's blog.


Lauren sent me to Hardy Royal's warehouse where I found a remnant of this beauty for our countert top:
marble top
And here we have our chosen bathroom fixtures from Lowes (how fitting that they are named Caldwell made by Moen!)

Faucetshower valve
We are using white subway tile behind the shower and a pretty light colored slate tile on the floor. If you have any ideas of what color to paint the walls, please share!

Currenly, the bathroom is in shambles but we just got our new WHITE tub installed so I can see the improvements already!

I will be sure to post some "after" photos as soon as it's done!


  1. Hey Sara! I am so pumped to see you are blogging! I am your newest follower :) Looking forward to the posts!