Monday, June 24, 2013

Blueberry Pickin'

The second we moved to Auburn we decided to join a local CSA program. CSAs, Community Supported Agriculture, are a great way to get local, seasonal food while supporting small farmers. Every week we meet our farmer in the old Bruno's parking lot to pick up our share. We leave with a dozen eggs plus about 5-10 lbs of fruits and veggies. 
 It's blueberry season in the south and our farmer has a huge blueberry field so we set out on Saturday to pick our share's worth of blueberries.

 Boyd enjoyed his first taste!

Of course, Tyler brought his camera so our foraging trip became a photo shoot. It sure would have been nice if I had tried a little harder to look presentable. Welcome to real life!


PS My face is back to normal. It only took 5 days to look like a human again!

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