Thursday, May 9, 2013

B-boy's 8 Month Photos

Well month 8 is almost in the books and it has been a fun one! Boyd is still sleeping like a champ, eating 3 meals of solid food, nursing a little less, and definitely starting to show his personality.

He is still not crawling and I'm totally okay with it! Crawling baby = chaos

He is not wanting to nurse as much which has kind of freaked me out because it's taking a toll on my milk production. I'm trying very hard not to cry when I pump half as much as I used to!

He are working on is hand-eye coordination and he is getting used to the idea of putting food in his mouth. He will hold is sippy cup but he refuses to hold his bottle. Lazy....

He has played with the same 5 or so toys for the last few months so I guess it's time to cave and get him something new. OR I could just hide one for a few days and then pull it out and pretend like it's new! Much better idea!

He prefers NBC Nightly News, woodworking shows, and House Hunters International over cartoons and he is currently a vegetarian.

Happy Thursday from Boyd/Borat!


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