Monday, February 4, 2013


It's been a while. Life and I had a good long chat and it told me that blogging was not as important as I thought it was!
With that said there have been a LOT of changes around here lately. Let me list them for you:
  1. Tyler has a new job
  2. Boyd has a new school
  3. I have some new running shoes
  4. We have a new house
  5. In a new TOWN
  6. I have a new grocery store
  7. And a new gym
  8. We have a few new friends
And that is just to name a few! Needless to say, everything has been a bit NEW for us lately! We are starting to settle in to our new lives and we are really really really enjoying it. It took some time to adjust to the homesickness but now it has all sunk in and we really couldn't be happier in our new community.

I hope to do a few posts in the coming future on the new house, big baby Boyd, and a few other random things we have going on. Stick with me, I'll be back, slowly but surely.


  1. Hi! So, Jennifer Robertson told me y'all were moving to Auburn, and my husband actually met Tyler a few weeks ago (I think it was Tyler's 1st week of work here?). Anyway, I hope you fall in love with this town. :) If you are ever interested, I'd love to get together for coffee!