Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If You Build it They Won't Come...I Hope

You may not remember but I certainly do...last year whenever our pathetic excuse for a garden graced us with some sort of edible growth the stupid birds and squirrels stole them right from under my nose. I was NOT happy! Sooo we opted for the Topsy Turvy which I told you about last week. We are hoping that having it closer to the house will deter some of the nasty thieves! Remember how awesome it looked hanging from the big green ladder? Well Tyler got his Handy Manny self moving and made this goliath structure for me. I know it looks a bit overkill but these things will weigh up to 60 lbs when the plants are full grown so not just any ole thing will work!

 The tomato plants are looking good and growing pretty fast. I have already spotted a few flowers growing so I'm sure the baby tomatoes are right around the corner!

The rest of the garden is also looking great! Those Wright's plants from Green Thumb Nursery are AWESOME! In the picture above we have a cucumber plant in the front then the zucchini plant and squash plant behind that and then the peppers. I also put a few sunflower seeds in the north side of the bed but only 2 sprouts have come up.

This a shot facing east and in the closest bed we have from left to right, tomatoes, turnips, carrots and onions.  

We already have a few squash growing! This is a big deal considering we didn't get a single thing from our plants last year.

 And I spy with my little eye a few peppers!

And finally we have a few sunflowers popping up. Like I said, only 2 have come up so if I don't see a few more sprouts in the next few days I'll put more seeds in.

For my birthday not only did a get a rad purse from Tyler but I also came home from class to find a NEW 4ft x 8ft raised bed right next to the other two. Get ready for more squash and some okra once the weather heats up!

Last topic I swear: this weekend we are starting a new project. We are putting down a brick patio next to our existing concrete patio. Right now it's nothing but dirt (see first picture above) and we could really use a little more entertaining space so I'll keep you updated as we make progress.

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